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November 23rd 2014

Support Groups

Name Phone Number Description Referral Code
Active "Freedom From Smoking" Programs, Sparrow Hospital(800) 772-7769Provide services to help clients quit smokingA52
American Cancer Society(800) 227-2345Transportation to treatments, WIC bank and services for survivors and newly diagnosed.I07
Divorced/Seperated Support Group(517) 336-4100Support group for divorced/seperated individuals, includes social events/activites and follow up support groups.O01
EVE Inc.: Restraining Orders and Stalking(517) 372-5572Advocacy, counseling and support for victims of domestic violence.F02
Family HIV/AIDS Support Group(313) 872-2424Support groups and referral services.S02
Free Counseling for Sexual Assault Victims (Sparrow Hospital(517) 364-2385Counseling for victims of sexual assault.K03
Gay and Lesbian Hotline(517) 332-3200Support hotlineA61
Grief Recovery and Education Center(517) 333-3636Individual counseling and support groups.E09
Michigan Self Help Clearinghouse(517) 484-7373Refers people to support groups.I03
MSU Lesbian and Gay Alliance(517) 353-9795Organizes meetings, activities, support system and information.T05
NAMI(517) 484-3404Support groupU05
Nicotine Anonymous(517) 377-071712 step recovery programA56
Overeaters Anonymous(517) 485-5400Anonymous meetings/12 step program.K15
Pet Loss Support Group(517) 372-2535Group counseling for people grieving over pet loss.E06
Schizophrenics Anonymous(517) 377-0397Support group for people with schizophrenia.U04
Seventh-Day Adventist, Health and Temperance Dept(517) 485-2226Group support to quit smokingA58
Sex Addicts Anonymous(517) 374-0711SupportC51
Sexual Abuse Treatment Alliance(517) 337-1717Support groupQ07
Smokestoppers(800) 697-722112 month smoking cessation training programA59
Widowed Persons Group(517) 339-4675Services and support groups for widowed persons.E05

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