Take Back the Night 2007

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2007 List of Demands

1. We DEMAND an end to all forms of violence against women.

2. We DEMAND that strangers as well as people we know and trust-our partners, spouses, friends and acquaintances– stop committing acts of sexual violence.

3. We DEMAND adequate prosecution for all assailants and batterers.

4. We DEMAND that NO means NO regardless of race, religion, class, age, sexual orientation, sex or gender identity.

5. We DEMAND that men and women take direct action every day of the year against sexual violence.

6. We DEMAND safe streets and homes, as well as no excuses for rapists regardless of our appearance or actions.

7. We DEMAND the right to know the sexual offenders in our dorms and neighborhoods.

8. We DEMAND awareness and sensitivity from police officers, emergency response staff and the judicial staff.

9. We DEMAND that the survivor is not blamed because of her short skirt, the fact she was drunk or any of the plethora of excuses used.

10. We DEMAND that the University recognize sexual assault as a crime and take adequate steps to provide awareness among all students.

11. We DEMAND increased community awareness about sexual violence and increased support for survivors.

12. We DEMAND increased funding to sexual assault programs and domestic violence shelters.

13. We DEMAND that media outlets devote regular time and space to responsible coverage of violence against women.


Link: A list of previous years' demands.